Basement insulation offers an effective solution for minimising heat loss and reducing noise in below ground spaces.

Basement walls, floors and ceilings can be insulated to improve thermal performance, reduce noise transfer from the room, and ensure fire safety. 

This page covers everything from installing basement foundation insulation, to the benefits of insulating below ground.

Basement Insulation Products

Why do we need basement insulation?

Below ground insulation in a basement is ideal to reduce heat loss in a property, protect against damp and create a comfortable living space. 

Basements are normally the coldest areas of any property and at risk of damp1. Effective insulation helps improve these conditions – and the overall energy efficiency of the building.

With existing basements, internal wall and floor insulation will significantly reduce heat loss. Basement ceiling and soffit insulation can create thermal improvements to the room above and enhance the acoustics of the room.   


Benefits of using ROCKWOOL insulation include2:

  • Reduced heat loss
  • Acoustic absorption
  • Fire resistance
  • Cost-effectiveness 

Calculator and savings

The size of the basement and the areas you choose to insulate will determine any potential savings. Adding internal wall and ceiling insulation can further increase these savings.

Check your local building regulations – the recommended U-value for wall, floor or ceiling insulation varies depending on the location and whether it’s for a new build or extension. If there is already some level of insulation it may just need topping up to meet current building regulations. 

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We provide a range of dedicated products for various basement applications, including thermal products to reduce energy bills, products to prevent a fire from spreading – and visually appealing ceiling products that can be placed against the underside of a floor.

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Renovation Case Study Booklet

Financial support

Financial support may be available for insulating your basement. Visit the Energy Saving Trust website for further information on floor and wall insulation grants for basements.

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