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Energy saved

GWh heating energy saved by ROCKWOOL building insulation sold in 2021

Water saved

million litres of water saved by greenhouse growing products sold in 2021

Enhanced learning

Students benefited from better learning environments with Rockfon acoustic solutions in 2021

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At ROCKWOOL Group, sustainability is at our core. Our business strategy is driven by a passion for converting sustainable development challenges into business opportunities, through innovative products, solutions and partnerships.


Circularity and recycling

At ROCKWOOL Group, we’re committed to supporting the transition towards a circular economy. Afterall, ROCKWOOL products are circular by nature, so perfectly complement an economy where products are made from natural and abundant materials, designed for better and more durable use and can be infinitely recycled.


Healthy living environments

Although city living can be great and full of opportunities, it can be challenging when it comes to health and safety, and issues such as noise, air pollution and the threat of fire. Products from ROCKWOOL Group can create the optimal indoor environment while enhancing fire resilience.



Learn about our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance policies and how we are rated by global ESG rating agencies that assess our progress each year.

Sustainability Reports Archive

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Regenerative by nature

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Rising to the challenge

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