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Reduce noise in your home with Quiet Mark and ROCKWOOL

James Francis
James Francis
December 23, 2022


Any unwanted sound can be classified as noise - from the vibrations of a construction site or the roar of traffic to the whirr of your washing machine or raised voices next door. Environmental noise is all around us and not only is it annoying, but exposure to high levels is bad for our health, too.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), noise pollution is a disease burden only second in magnitude to air pollution[1]. It impacts people’s daily activities and can disturb sleep, cause heart disease, hypertension and reduced cognitive development in children[2].

In the UK, nearly half of people say their home life is spoilt by noise. Noise is the single biggest cause of complaints made to local authorities, the majority of which are in relation to residential noise[3]

Effective acoustic insulation is important in any residential, commercial or public building. It will help protect inhabitants and users from the detrimental effects of unwanted sound, and create a comfortable and safe environment to live and work in. ROCKWOOL has developed a range of Quiet Mark-approved acoustic insulation products which help reduce noise.

The importance of acoustics

Reducing the impact of noise on our day-to-day lives is more important than ever, especially in our homes and places of work - which today are sometimes one and the same. Paying attention to building acoustics and taking noise-reducing measures can have a positive effect on people’s health, wellbeing and quality of life. 

Controlling noise levels in schools for example can impact the quality of learning. In hospitals, it can create the right environment for recuperation. While in homes, it provides the peace and quiet needed for restful sleep and a more productive home office. 

Choosing the right materials, products and appliances for our homes, workplaces and public buildings can help improve acoustic performance and reduce the negative impacts of noise pollution in our indoor environments.

In the UK, nearly half of people say their home life is spoilt by noise. Noise is the single biggest cause of complaints made to local authorities, the majority of which are in relation to residential noise.

National Noise Attitude Survey 2012 - NO0237

The impact of noise

Noise between dwellings, such as noise from upstairs in an apartment, or next door in a terraced or semi-detached house, is just one type of noise that affects us. Many of us are also exposed to road, rail and aviation noise if we live near to roads or transport hubs. And inside our homes and offices, we are subjected to electrical noise - the constant hum of everyday appliances and the pings of connected devices. 

Some people are more affected by noise than others; children, the elderly and the chronically ill for example, as well as nightshift workers. But long-term exposure to noise can have negative effects on even the healthiest people. The European Environment Agency estimates that environmental noise contributes to 12,000 premature deaths across Europe every year, and that 6.5 million of us are suffering from chronic sleep disturbance[4]. 

For all of us, taking sound-reducing measures will help alleviate the stress and annoyance associated with unwanted sound.

About Quiet Mark

Quiet Mark is an international award programme set up by the Noise Abatement Society in 2012. For the last ten years, it has given buyers and consumers an easy way to find appliances that perform quietly and products that help to reduce unwanted noise. 

The Quiet Mark team independently tests and assesses products in a lab before certifying only the quietest and best performing. Over 1,000 appliances and acoustic materials, from more than 90 global brands and across more than 70 product categories, have now passed their expert acoustic assessments to achieve Quiet Mark certification.

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ROCKWOOL and Quiet Mark

Quiet Mark tests construction products by assessing sound absorption or impact noise using BS EN and ISO standards. The Quiet Mark team includes specialist acoustic consultants and product professionals. These experts put complex information together to determine those materials or solutions that deliver optimum acoustic performance for their specific purpose.

Three of our products - ROCKWOOL Rainscreen Duo Slab, ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation Slab, and ROCKWOOL Steel Frame Slab – have all been awarded the coveted Q logo.

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation has been used to reduce noise in many buildings, including the O2 Arena and the 2012 Olympic Stadium. And we’re proud to be the only insulation manufacturer awarded Quiet Mark certification.

Reducing noise in your indoor environment

Whether you’re building a commercial property or renovating a period home, you’ll want to consider the best products for the job, and how they contribute to reducing noise inside. Making the right choices can help create a favourable environment for your building's intended use, whether it’s open-plan offices or a family home. Less noise means less stress and improved wellbeing. 

There are two approaches to noise reduction which, for optimum results, should be considered in tandem:

Internal noise reduction - This involves reducing the noise that occurs inside a building. This can be done by buying and installing the appropriate ROCKWOOL products for your project. For example, using insulation in internal floors and walls to reduce sound transfer between rooms.
External noise protection - This means protecting your inside space from noise that is coming from outside. This can be done by ensuring you have a tight building envelope with effective external insulation. ROCKWOOL offers a range of external insulation products for different building types. Include Quiet Mark-approved sound insulation products such as ROCKWOOL Rainscreen Duo Slab which will limit the noise carried through the building to your indoor environment.   


At ROCKWOOL, we’re in the business of improving indoor environments. Our Quiet Mark-approved acoustic insulation solutions reduce noise and echoes in buildings, improving concentration and productivity. By reducing unwanted noise in your indoor environment,  ROCKWOOL stone wool products can improve the quality of your day-to-day life, keep you comfortable and contribute to improved wellbeing.

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