At ROCKWOOL Group, we’re committed to supporting the transition towards a circular economy. Afterall, ROCKWOOL products are circular by nature, so perfectly complement an economy where products are made from natural and abundant materials, designed for better and more durable use and can be infinitely recycled.

In nature, circularity is the norm. All living things exist, die and return to life – sometimes in a new form – in a never-ending circle. Our products are made from natural stone, making it possible to fully recycle used stone wool into new stone wool – over and over again and without any loss of performance.

Why circularity makes sense

Many of the negative social, economic and environmental aspects of modern living are rooted in the linear ‘take, make, waste’ model. This economic model, where materials are used up and wasted, is reaching its limits. The environment simply does not have the capacity to sustain it anymore. By taking a circular approach – where waste is minimised and resources are re-used efficiently – we can create an economy that’s both sustainable and profitable.

Nowhere is the shift to a circular model more urgent than in construction. Consuming three billion tonnes of raw materials every year, it’s the single largest consumer of resources and it produces around one-third of all waste, much of which ends up in landfill. This is why the EU is focusing on buildings in all policies and guidelines designed to support the transition to a circular economy.

In 2020, we collected and recycled

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We offer recycling services in

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If a product is durable, it can endure continued use over a long period, maintaining a constant performance. Our products are exceptionally resilient and long-lasting, keeping their thermal and mechanical properties for at least 55 years – and likely, a lot longer. A durable construction product that maintains strong performance throughout its lifetime does not need maintenance or regular replacement, and effectively helps to extent the lifespan of the building. It also helps to use less resources, create less waste and its manufacturing impact is spread over a longer period of time.



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Our stone wool is fully recyclable, and products made with it are easily disassembled and separated. We have recycling services in place that collect used products to recycle, providing others with resources to help reduce waste-to-landfill. We offer recycling services in 14 countries and expect to meet our 2022 goal of 15 countries in 2021 as well as our longer term goal to offer the service in 30 countries by 2030.



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Building an eco-system with other industries

The technologies that create our products also enable us to use waste from other industries as a raw material. We recycle our own waste from production and we upcycle secondary materials from other industries. Cooperating in this way helps to divert materials from landfill and keep them in the economy.



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