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With increasing energy efficiency targets in North American building codes and legislation calling for decreased CO2 emissions, designers are under increased pressure to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

ROCKWOOL Building Science was established to provide architects, designers and specifiers with the tools and services to unlock the energy saving potential of your building design, reaching far beyond insulation. The Building Science team believes that design freedom goes hand-in-hand with sustainability, energy efficiency, durability, resiliency and constructability; therefore, it is essential that these factors are considered and incorporated in all stages of your project.

Our North American Building Science team is part of a larger global network, allowing us to utilize international best practice, innovation and design solutions.  We combine this knowledge with local expertise to offer high-quality tools, training and tailored advisory services relevant to the North American market.

Whether new construction or retrofit, ROCKWOOL Building Science is committed to assisting you in achieving your project's highest performance without sacrificing other design priorities by offering building science expertise and services.

Complimentary services provided by our Building Science Experts:

Building Science Support

  • Building science expertise & resources
  • Educational seminars & architectural/site visits
  • Envelope detailing & material specifications

R-Value Calculations

  • Codes & standards compliance evaluations
  • Heat transfer modeling

Thermal Bridging Modeling

  • 2D & 3D thermal modeling (THMER/HEAT3)
  • Overall U-value analysis
  • Insulation detailing review

Heat, Air & Moisture Transfer Modeling

  • 1D transient hygrothermal analysis (WUFI)
  • Dew point calculations

Full Building Modeling

  • Building energy modeling (Design Builder)
  • Building envelope sensitivity analysis