Ensuring the hotel provides an optimal experience to guests remains a primary concern for owners. Starting a hotel renovation project can help owners to address current shortcomings in their establishment and improve the guest experience..

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Reducing noise levels throughout the building

Hotels are versatile establishments that serve a variety of purposes for their guests. From families to business travellers, hotels need to cater to a wide range of needs. Serving different types of visitors requires a versatile building that accommodates all types of people – and separates the noise from each. According to research, noise from other guests is the number one complaint of hotel guests, so it should come as no surprise that this should be the primary focus area during a hotel renovation project.

Reducing ambient noise levels can help to:

  • Decrease levels of irritation, which can also decrease complaints from guests.
  • Increase sales and revenue from satisfied guests who leave positive reviews.
  • Prevent health risks, including hypertension, cardiovascular, and respiratory illness.

Using modern solutions can help manage elevated noise levels without disrupting hotel operations. Stone wool helps to absorb noises and reduce the travel of sounds that disturb other guests throughout the facility or building.

Saving energy and improving indoor comfort

Maintaining a comfortable indoor climate can increase the overheads in the hotel business when using inefficient systems. Depending on the location, winter heating and summer cooling can make up a significant portion of the monthly expenses. By renovating a hotel and improving the insulation in guest rooms and quality suites, owners can reduce operational costs while maintaining comfortable indoor climates.

By installing improved insulation solutions during a renovation project, hotels can:

  • Reduce energy bills, due to a greater thermal performance within the building.
  • Maintain a stable and comfortable indoor temperature and humidity.
  • Cut emissions through lower energy use, giving the hotel a greener profile.

Renovation projects should focus on improving the guest experience and lowering operating costs. A renovation project that leverages the latest insulation technologies can aid owners and managers in improving their immediate environments and providing greater indoor comfort for their guests.

Updating the exterior façade of the building

Making a good first impression on newly arrived guest is the first step in getting that all-important great review. That first impression is heavily influenced by the look and feel of the hotel, meaning that keeping the hotel looking sharp is key to winning future guests. Rockpanel façade boards offer great potential for renewing the façade of any hotel. By combining these boards with energy efficient façade insulation, hotel owners could save huge amounts on energy costs.  

Benefits of renovating a hotel façade:

  • Reduce direct energy costs by reducing their consumption.
  • Manage external noise pollution from the environment and maintain indoor comfort levels.
  • Upgrade the thermal performance of the establishment without requiring changes to the internal structure

Benefits of hotel renovation projects

A renovation project in the hotel industry aims to improve the guest experience, increase resilience, and manage the individual hotel room renovation cost. Using modern materials and technologies allows owners to improve their thermal, noise, and energy performance.

Investing in a renovation project that uses modern insulation will:

  • Lead to greater customer satisfaction which is a key revenue driver in the industry.
  • Provide energy savings with improved thermal retention from efficient passive barriers.
  • Increase the fire-resilience of the building with fire-safe stone wool insulation.
  • Limit the formation of mould and mildew by reducing the effect of condensation.

Renovation projects should focus on improving energy efficiency, decreasing the adverse health effects of noise, and supporting the health and wellbeing of visitors. Reduced energy use will help owners to cut operational costs and ensure they can maintain a healthy indoor environment. It also improves the sustainability image for owners, helping them to demonstrate their commitment to sound environmental practices.

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