Energy-saving thermal performance

Minimal change in thermal performance, increased thermal mass and increased dimensional stability allow for reduced gaps, increased energy efficiency and the potential for longer-lasting roofs. 


Made of non-combustible material

A melting point of up to 2150°F (1177°C) means ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ will not develop smoke or spread flames when exposed to fire. Only stone wool products are FM 4470 – Non-Combustible Core rated.


Superior sound absorption

Combining the non-directional fiber structure of ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ with increased mass allows for sound reduction and more comfortable occupants.


Quieter and more comfortable

ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ is denser than conventional insulation – effectively reducing sound transmissions and creating more comfortable environments.


Longer-lasting performance

The exceptional stability of ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ reduces gaps, system movements and stresses, potentially increasing the longevity of your roof.