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Fire resilience

Withstand temperatures above 1000°C.

ROCKWOOL is non-combustible and has a melting point of over 1000℃. In an event of a fire, ROCKWOOL insulation can reduce spread of flames and provide precious time to save your family and your home.


Thermal properties

Save energy by maintaining optimum indoor temperature and climate.

Temperature maintenance can dramatically reduce heating, cooling, and ventilation costs, and reduce a building’s carbon footprint.


Acoustic capabilities

Block, absorb or enhance sounds.

From railways to tramways, roads to airports, good infrastructure is crucial to urban life, which can be very noisy. The resulting ground-borne vibration, traffic noise – and not to mention human noise pollution – all have a serious and negative impact on our well-being, especially in densely populated areas.



Increased performance and greater stability with lower costs.

ROCKWOOL’s dimensional stability means its performance remains unchanged, decade after decade, ensuring maintenance savings throughout a building’s long life span.


Water properties

Manage our most precious resource.

Stone wool can be engineered to absorb or repel water as needed, as well as recirculate it in a greenhouse, solving a range of water management problems.



Reusable and recyclable materials.

Rock is one of the most abundant raw materials on the planet, but we still need to make better use of our planet’s resources. We have developed our technology in a way that allows us to use waste from other industries as alternative raw material.



Match performance with aesthetics.

We have harnessed the natural beauty and adaptability of stone to make it easy to design and customise in an almost unlimited range of colours, shapes, and forms.

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