Hidden benefits of home improvement

January 1, 1

During home renovation, upgrading what’s inside your walls can make the biggest difference of all

What does home improvement mean to you? Perhaps fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, or creating extra living space? For most of us, renovation means modernising our home, adding more “functionality” to it or increasing its value. Usually, we’re more preoccupied with finishes and fittings than the things we can’t see. But the hidden elements of a renovation are well worth our attention. 

Improve the comfort, safety and energy performance

This is because home improvement is also a great opportunity to improve the comfort, safety and energy performance of your house or apartment – by adding or upgrading insulation. If your renovation involves the walls, roof or floor, small changes can make a big difference, in three ways:

Thermal performance. Good levels of insulation can make room interiors more comfortable as well as dramatically reduce your energy bills – by up to as much as 90 percent. A relatively small investment can pay back quickly, and add to the value of your home when you choose to sell.

Acoustic insulation. No one likes being disturbed by someone else’s music or TV. Yet modern life involves enjoying high-quality audio from increasingly sophisticated sound systems. Add good acoustic insulation when you renovate, and it’s easier to have peace and quiet in one part of the house when there’s noise in another.

Safety. The materials your home is built from can make it safer – or more dangerous. Renovation gives you an opportunity to review what’s behind your walls and, if necessary, add fire-safe materials like stone wool insulation that give you peace of mind as well as keeping the house warmer and quieter.


So next time you renovate your home, take time to look at what’s behind the walls. Improving the things you can’t see could be even more valuable than just making the place look better.  

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