Roofing system on concrete deck

Concrete Deck

Concrete deck insulation can greatly enhance the energy efficiency of your building. In an uninsulated or poorly insulated property, a great deal of heat is gained through the roof1, making it an especially crucial area to focus on.

ROCKWOOL concrete flat roof insulation provides excellent thermal, acoustic and fire resilient benefits, helping to create a more comfortable living or working space within2.

Not only does the use of our products help to lower energy bills and reduce health risks3, but by reducing the energy needed to cool the building, our premium-quality stone wool insulation also helps to cut carbon emissions too.

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Why do we need concrete deck insulation?

Concrete deck structures are typically used in connection with larger industrial, commercial, or institutional buildings. However, they are also becoming increasingly popular in residential designs – including individual family houses.

As a valuable addition to this building design style in towns and cities across the world, quality concrete roof insulation can provide extra protection from overheating in warmer climates.

This raises energy efficiency and provides great long-term value and sustainability for constructions.

Calculator and savings

How much insulation you’ll require depends on the size and shape of your project. Since there is usually no limitation to the installation height on a roof, insulation thickness can be adjusted to your specification – and to reflect the local regulatory energy demand.

Use our ROCKWOOL U-value calculator to determine the thermal performance of the building’s roofs and possible cost savings. For more details on technical specifications, visit our ROCKSPEC Specification Toolkit.

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Our dedicated solutions for concrete deck insulation are fitted to modern, safe and fast application standards, whether the flat roof installation is mechanically fixed, glued or ballasted.

Kim Brandt

ROCKWOOL Group Product Manager

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Our insulation products are designed to be long-lasting. Many modern towns and cities have buildings with concrete flat roofs, so a sustainable approach to these constructions is especially important.  

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Financial support

Local schemes and tax incentives may be available in your region. Contact our local offices for more information.

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