To boost the performance of the double skin metal roofing system, Cool’n’Comfort stone wool insulation provides an ideal solution to improve the indoor temperature, reducing exterior noise and fire protection of the entire system.

Cool ’n’ Comfort SL series is a semi rigid insulation slab designed to provide ease of installation and a perfect fit between metal purlins. Varying configurations of double skin roof system together with Cool ’n’ Comfort SL940 insulation can achieve sound transmission loss of up to STC 50 for the acoustic system. To allow sound absorption through the perforation onto the insulation material, insulation can be installed above the perforated metal sheet on the bottom tray of roofing system. Cool ’n’ Comfort SL940 has excellent sound absorption properties with NRC up to 1.0 at different thicknesses.

The low thermal conductivity properties of the Cool ’n’ Comfort SL940 enable the roofing system to achieve U-value of 0.34W/m²K to meet the requirements of Malaysia Green Building Index for construction to be less than 0.4W/m²K. This non-combustible insulation also complies with most building requirements on reaction to fire of roofing materials.

Cool ’n’ Comfort, with uniquely formulated coated stone wool fibres, is able to effectively repel rain water that comes into contact with the product, hence reducing the potential of damage and wastage during installation.

Double Skin Roof


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