First nearly zero-energy clinic in the Czech Republic

An innovative clinic built to nearly zero-energy levels

A new five-storey building, Pavilion II, is being created alongside the University Hospital in Olomouc. With a 100-bed capacity, the clinic will feature an intensive care unit, a department of geriatrics and specially designed rooms for disabled patients. 

A unique feature of the project is that it will be the first clinic in the Czech Republic to be designed with innovative features for nearly zero-energy consumption.

To achieve such low energy requirements, the architect specified ROCKWOOL solutions throughout, for floors, partition walls and pipe insulation. The natural thermal performance of stone wool is perfect to meet nearly zero-energy levels since it has a very low U-value for thermal insulation yet remains ‘breathable’.

This will lower energy bills for the clinic while ensuring greater indoor comfort and air quality for patients and staff. The clinic will reduce its need for heat in winter, as well as maintaining a comfortable interior temperature in summer.

Fire-resistance has been ensured throughout since ROCKWOOL solutions are entirely non-combustible and withstand temperatures above 1000°C. Stone wool insulation also resists the growth of mould, rot or harmful bacteria, which is an important consideration since many patients will have gastroenterological or hepatological disorders.

Today, the energy performance of Pavilion II is ten times lower than that of the hospital premises to which it is connected by a corridor. And the long-lasting robustness of stone wool will ensure that the clinic can give care and protection to its patients for many decades to come.

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Project location

Pavilion II Clinic
University Hospital Olomouc
Czech Republic

“At ROCKWOOL Czech Republic we are proud that our stone wool products were chosen for the first clinic in the Czech Republic to meet ‘nearly zero standards’ for energy saving. The use of our insulation products in the construction of floors and partition walls helps to create a comfortable building for patients. ROCKWOOL insulation saves energy and money, is non-combustible, and ensures that buildings are safe.”

David Zdráhal

ROCKWOOL, Czech Republic

Project Data

Year 2018
Building Type Hospital
Application Partition Walls, Acoustic Floor, Pipe Insulation
Product type Unirock, Steprock HD, Rockwool 800