OEM Insulation

Why Core Solutions (OEM)?

Even when two insulation solutions seem similar in quality and properties, you simply cannot substitute one for the other. Here’s why.

All ROCKWOOL insulation products are sustainable and high quality, but they perform best when the right solution is used for the right application. How you plan to use your insulation can make all the difference. If you are customizing, designing or inventing a product or require small batch samples for your R&D process, then you likely will need Core Solutions (OEM). Let’s show you why.

Equal in quality, but differ in functionality

Take for instance two of our premium insulation products: CONROCK® 60, an OEM product specifically engineered for fabrication and ROCKBOARD® 60, a multi-purpose commercial product. Both are available in a range of densities for a variety of applications. Both are non-combustible and both have excellent acoustical dampening properties. So, how are they different if their technical data sheets are so similar?

How our OEM product differs from our multi-purpose commercial products

CONROCK® 60 (OEM product)

  • Maintains its structural stability and handleability when cut from a 2” board to a 1” board
  • Specifically designed to be cut and customized
  • Higher manufacturing tolerances ensure it holds its design properties and integrity even when fabricated

ROCKBOARD® 60 (Commercial product)

  • Premium-quality insulation for residential and commercial applications, best used inside wall and ceilings
  • Cannot hold its structural stability and handleability when cut from 2” board to a 1” board
  • Not designed to be cut or customized

OEM Insulation Products