Modular construction. Lasting performance.

Sustainable, stone wool insulation for permanent modular construction.

Let's talk about being a natural fit

Natural stone wool insulation with higher standards.

Offsite, permanent modular construction takes a different approach. And so do we. Fire, water and sound resistant, our sustainable, energy-efficient stone wool insulation is a natural fit for your permanent modular construction builds. It’s high performance stone wool insulation for the way you build.

A natural fit for high-quality, durable buildings

Produced at a slight over-thickness to ensure a "friction fit", our insulation won’t shift or sag while your assembly is in transit. The result is better performance over the lifetime of your building.  

Better performance for onsite assembly

While other insulations absorb water when they get wet on site, stone wool does not. As a result, you have a higher performing insulation that is resistant to mold and mildew.    

Build more sustainable, energy-efficient buildings

Made from rock, a natural, renewable source, our insulation maintains a stable R-value in all climates, making it one of the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption.  

Bella Bella Project Case Study

Get your copy of the Bella Bella Project case study to learn about the strict insulation requirements for precision builds like this one, and how we can help you meet those requirements.

Modular Passive House Bella Bella

Unmatched fire safety

A melting point of up to 2150°F (1177°C) means our products won't develop smoke or spread flames between modular units when exposed to fire.

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Quieter and more comfortable

Denser than conventional insulation, our stone wool insulation effectively reduces sound transmissions and creates more comfortable environments.

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Better fit for lasting performance

Exceptional dimensional stability reduces gaps in your wall assemblies, helping to maintain performance and improve overall longevity.

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A semi-rigid batt with a unique flexible edge designed to compress as it's inserted into walls, ceilings and floor frames. 

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A specifically engineered exterior non-structural insulation sheathing for high-performance wall systems.

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