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1,000,000 people move to urban environments every week

This is placing a great strain on existing infrastructure, as well as energy resources and the environment. The challenge is to build sustainable cities that can support their populations now and in the future. ROCKWOOL insulation has a unique physical structure, which keeps its shape and toughness despite changes in temperature or humidity. 

This dimensional stability means its performance is unchanged, decade after decade, ensuring maintenance savings throughout a building’s lifetime. Due to its smart fibre structure, ROCKWOOL stone wool is also easy to fit. It adapts to all types of irregularities, leaving no gaps in the insulation layer and no sagging. This helps keep heat or fresh air in, preserving your indoor comfort.

Did you know?

Stone wool has an open, porous structure, which makes ROCKWOOL products highly efficient sound absorbers by nature. In schools with no sound absorption, children miss 25% of words spoken by their teachers. 

The 7 strengths of stone

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