Stone wool structure can be engineered to isolate and control vibrations and noise from urban transport systems, reducing its detrimental impact on people and buildings. Living close to an airport, the noise you hear inside your house is reduced by 40 percent if your roof is insulated with ROCKWOOL stone wool.

Getting to know the fundamentals of building acoustics

Did you know building acoustics plays a significant role in indoor environmental quality? This blog post helps you get started with a deep dive into the fundamentals of architectural acoustics, the risks of poor acoustics design, and an introduction to controlling noise pollution.

As updated codes are adopted, methods of sound control are becoming more common as is their enforcement.

ROCKWOOL assemblies have been tested for both STC and OITC ratings. This will provide a better understanding of the assembly performance under different frequency ranges, and will give a better overall understanding of the assemblies’ ability to control noise.