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Welcome to the ROCKWOOL Merchant Resource Hub! Here you’ll find everything you need to know about working with us an insulation partner, the benefits of stocking our Trade Insulation range, and how to drive more insulation sales to your branch.

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Thermal Insulation Cavity Batt
Trade Insulation Range, Masonry Cavity Wall, Wall Insulation, The Full ROCKWOOL Product Range, Separating Wall
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Sound Insulation slab
Partition Wall, Wall Insulation, The Full ROCKWOOL Product Range, Intermediate Floors, Floor Insulation, Separating Floors, Trade Insulation Range
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Thermal Insulation Roll
Trade Insulation Range, Loft insulation, Pitched Roof, The Full ROCKWOOL Product Range, Ground Floors, Floor Insulation
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Thermal Timber Frame Slab
Trade Insulation Range
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ROCKWOOL Demonstration Experience truck

We know the importance of seeing and feeling products before you buy or sell them, that’s why we created the ROCKWOOL Demonstration Experience truck.

Designed for your customers, as well as your teams, the ROCKWOOL Demonstration Experience is a unique way to:

  • Get hands-on with our range of stone wool insulation. Touch, see and even hear the difference our products can make.
  • Communicate the competitive advantages of using stone wool - including acoustic, fire and thermal performance.
  • Receive training direct from ROCKWOOL. Training covers topics spanning product selection and efficient installation, to the latest legislation and grants. We’ll also top-up your team’s knowledge to help them increase basket spend and improve margins
  • Drive footfall to your branch - our Demonstration Experience comes with a range of sales and marketing support to help you get customers there on the day.

Bring #ThePowerOfStone to your branch – enquire about hosting a ROCKWOOL Demonstration Experience today.

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Bring #ThePowerOfStone to life at your branch.

Book a time and date by emailing our merchant support team and we will be in touch to arrange a time that suits you.

Photoshoot for demonstration vehicle launch
ROCKWOOL Truck Launch February 2018
ROCKWOOL Truck Launch February 2018
ROCKWOOL Truck Launch February 2018

ROCKWOOL 360 - A Virtual Demonstration

Want to learn more about the natural benefits of ROCKWOOL non-combustible stone wool insulation? Take a look around ROCKWOOL 360 to explore how our products help to make buildings safer, warmer and quieter.

ROCKWOOL 360 Thumbnail
Trade Application Guide
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Trade Application Guide

Designed for simplicity, the ROCKWOOL Trade Application Guide has been created to provide detailed advice to installers on the best insulation product for each application.

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