Building services and HVAC insulation is essential for creating healthy, comfortable, and safe internal environments. Although these systems effectively provide thermal comfort and better air quality, by their very nature they can also produce unwanted noise and generate high levels of heat which needs to be controlled.

When selecting building services and HVAC products, designers and engineers should look beyond thermal requirements and consider the ways in which these solutions can be installed not only to reduce heat loss, but to provide comfort and safety through improved acoustic absorption and increased fire protection.

ROCKWOOL building services and HVAC insulation offers proven performance against a range of criteria including: controlling heat gain, minimising heat loss, reducing noise and delivering excellent fire resistance into and out of building services.

When it comes to using ROCKWOOL building services and HVAC insulation, we have developed a comprehensive suite of resources designed to save time and make it easier to take projects through from specification to installation.

HVAC Specification

Building Services Specification

Save time on specification by accessing product-specific details, specification clauses and installation guidance all in one place.

Understand how ROCKWOOL building services and HVAC insulation will deliver more than just thermal performance, and find out more about how you can build in additional value through stone wool’s inherent fire-resistant and acoustic benefits.

In the HVAC Systems Guide, you’ll find:

  • Product performance information for thermal, fire-resistant and acoustic applications
  • Installation guidance and specification clause advice
  • Details of technical resources that you can access through ROCKWOOL
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Guide to BS 5422:2023

BS 5422 provides up-to-date specification guidance for the thermal insulation of building services and HVAC in domestic, non-domestic and commercial buildings.

This guide from ROCKWOOL helps specifiers to understand the changes in guidance noted in BS 5422:2023 to achieve economic and CO2 savings in building projects.

The Guide to BS 5422:2023 also contains updated thickness tables to support specifiers in selecting the right insulation for building services and HVAC.

To understand the full effect of these changes on official standards, download the guide for free today.

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Building Services & HVAC CPDs

ROCKWOOL Case Studies

Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

Can ROCKWOOL help reduce noise transmitted through pipes and air conditioning systems, or from plant and machinery?

ROCKWOOL 360 - A Virtual Demonstration

ROCKWOOL 360 is a virtual 3D environment in which you can see, hear, and learn about our products on your terms. Find out more about ROCKWOOL building services and HVAC insulation in the demo room, and see how stone wool insulation can deliver acoustic, thermal and fire safety performance through innovative interactive experiences.


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