Why stock ROCKWOOL?

Our well-established, highly sought after range of insulation products focuses on clearly defined applications for the small to medium size builder. The range centres on two key areas; thermal insulation and sound insulation.

While the benefits of thermal insulation are well understood and documented, acoustic or sound insulation is less well understood. However, it has become recognised as an important consideration in design; not just for schools, offices and healthcare but also in the domestic arena. With an increasing impact from sound due to home workers, an aging housing stock, greater urbanisation, increasing noise pollution from roads, rail and air as well as the wider adoption of domestic electronics, TV, and surround sound systems in homes.

Designed to effectively trap sound waves and dampen vibrations, ROCKWOOL sound insulation provides an enhanced noise reducing solution both between adjacent properties and between rooms within the same house.

Our sound insulation range represents clear opportunities to upsell your offer and add value to the builder.

ROCKWOOL products feature bold red packaging, which creates a strong brand presence in branch, and also features clear communication of the product type and its benefits alongside important information on the intended application, product dimensions and coverage information to enable easy and rapid product selection.

ROCKWOOL are focussed on driving sales for your branch and offer a complete support package

We are industry experts

ROCKWOOL have a rich history in the construction sector and our non-combustible stone wool insulation products have been used across the world in all types of projects…big and small. Our expert sales team have worked closely on many of these projects and bring this unrivalled knowledge and experience to support you in your branch and across your branch network.

Merchant Support

A seamless service you can trust

We are dedicated to providing a seamless and hassle free service to all our stockist partners which is why we have an exclusively allocated contractor sales specialist team who will be on-hand to discuss all your specific requirements, right through from finding the right products for your branch, setting up terms, training, the launch, promotions, trade days, joint sales visits, PoS and marketing support, and lots more.

Our Contractor Sales Specialists are your main point of contact for general queries, including all technical issues such as application support, product specifications, U-value calculations and installation guidance.

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Helping to generate leads for your business

ROCKWOOL are dedicated to forging long-term partnerships with our stockist partners. Our team of sales specialists are focused on developing sales and building a mutually successful future, by bringing the 'experience' of better insulation to life for your customers. Our merchant sales managers will work to bring specification support and maximise sales through joint customer visits, assist with project and contract work, and work closely with your national accounts team.

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Simple to stock and shop

The simple to stock and shop Thermal and Sound Range has been developed with the clear objective of simplifying and clarifying the insulation category, with the products split into two distinct families; Thermal and Sound - this serves to give clear application focus and makes product choice simple, while also introducing a new opportunity for merchants and builders to satisfying the increasing need for sound insulation, particularly in the domestic arena. 

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We offer product training

The ROCKWOOL CSS team provide comprehensive training to both Merchant sales teams in-branch, and trainings and demonstrations to contractors both in-branch and out on-site. The training can be tailored to suit the needs of the group but includes advice on building regulations, practises and trends, as well as product selection and installation advice, finishing with a live demonstration of the sound, fire, fit, thermal and moisture resistance attributes of ROCKWOOL insulation, providing a memorable way to show the many benefits of using ROCKWOOL insulation.

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Sales Support

ROCKWOOL have a comprehensive range of POS and literature designed to support and encourage sales in your branch. We can help identify the right stocking profile, through to providing launch support, collateral and PoS, sales promotions, marketing, technical guidance, training and a service offering and logistics package that meets the needs of our stockists.

To see a list of our most popular point of sale collateral, ask your local sales specialist for a copy of the Merchant Price List, and if you see anything that can help boost your point of purchase sales, you can place an order.

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Bringing #TheSoundExperience to you

To help drive sales and customer engagement at your branch, the ROCKWOOL Sound Experience truck is now available to demonstrate the unique properties of ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation.

To arrange your visit speak to the Merchant Support Team...

Call: 01656 862621 or Email: demo.truck@rockwool.co.uk

Merchant Support

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