Not all insulation is the same

There’s insulation, and there’s ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation. Unlike petrochemical-based insulation materials, ROCKWOOL is made from stone. Which means it is a natural high-performance material that is highly resistant to mould and fungus. It is easy to work with and extremely durable. And, your clients will be pleased to know, non-combustible.

Builder installing ROCKWOOL insulation - Timber frame construction

Why choose ROCKWOOL?

ROCKWOOL products are easy to use, fit perfectly, and perform efficiently for decades without the need for maintenance or adjustment. So you save time and money fitting them and are less likely to have to go back to remedy problems later.

  1. Easy to work with
  2. Effective for decades
  3. Regulates temperature and cuts energy bills
  4. Reduces unwanted noise
  5. Best-in-class protection from damp, mould and fire
  6. A premium material that enables you to make higher margins
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Fire Resilience

Because it is made from stone, ROCKWOOL insulation is non-combustible.

Which means it helps control the spread of a fire, giving more time for rescue and minimising damage and reducing rebuilding costs. It is the safer choice to protect
your clients and their home from fire.

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ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation will keep your client’s home warm in winter and cool in summer.

And because it is vapour-permeable, it also helps prevent damp and the formation of mould.

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Acoustic Performance

ROCKWOOL turns down the volume...

Helping reduce unwanted noise from other rooms, floors, neighbouring properties,and roads and city traffic.

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Water Resistant

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation repels water...

Helping to keep your client’s home comfortable and dry.

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ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is extremely robust and durable.

It does not change or distort over time, so your clients will continue to benefit from its presence for more than 50 years.

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ROCKWOOL insulation is made from natural stone and recycled material

It can be recycled and re-used again and again.

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ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be cut to exact dimensions.

Which means you need never compromise on comfort or safety for the sake of design and appearance.

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There's a ROCKWOOL solution for every client's renovation problem

ROCKWOOL offers a full range of sustainable insulation products and systems. Our stone wool solutions protect people from cold, heat, the risk of fire, and ambient noise - whether it is from the outdoors or adjacent rooms.

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