Why we're changing our Trade Range product packaging

James Francis, GBI Product Manager
James Francis, GBI Product Manager
May 14, 2024
ROCKWOOL new trade packaging

Circularity is at the core of our sustainability strategy at ROCKWOOL, meaning we're always exploring ways to reduce landfill waste from our production processes and within our supply chain, as well as minimise the use of virgin materials.

Packaging is essential to improve transport efficiency, maintain low wastage rates and enable the safe transport and handling of our material. Improvements in packaging design are part of the transition towards a more sustainable society and our new product packaging has been designed with recyclability in mind. We'll be rolling this new look product packaging out across our range in 2024, so soon you'll start to see a change in branch. 

Less plastic

One of the most notable changes in our new product packaging is the reduction in virgin plastic. We're transitioning to a material made from 30% recycled plastic as part of our commitment to maximising the use of non-virgin material wherever possible. We worked closely with our suppliers to carry our extensive testing to ensure the packaging continues to deliver the quality specification we demand.

Our new product packaging is also fully recyclable, helping builders and tradespeople avoid sending waste to landfill.

Less ink

We've also made changes to the design of our product packaging to increase its recyclability and minimise the use of ink, which can impact the environment. By switching to just two primary colours and incorporating transparent elements, we've minimised the amount of ink used in production. Reducing ink usage on packaging makes recycling easier and more efficient, producing a better quality recycled product and reducing waste in the recycling process.

Increased efficiency

Our packaging plays an essential role in ensuring our product can be transported safely and efficiently. We apply a high degree of compression to our lower density products to maximise the amount of insulation per transport unit, minimising the number of shipments needed along with the associated emissions.  

Improved product labelling

Efficiency also applies to our labels too. We've revamped our labelling to provide clearer product information, allowing customers to find critical details about our Trade Range products quickly. Furthermore, we've introduced digital product information, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest updates and specifications right at their fingertips. Clear technical and certification marks are also prominently displayed, providing reassurance to our customers about the quality and authenticity of our products.


Download our Sustainability Report 2023 for more details on what we're doing at ROCKWOOL to help build a climate-resilient future, or find more information on our Trade Range here




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First published: 09/04/2024