Enabling modern living to its full potential 

Working in our area means operating at the core of our business, providing innovative insulation solutions for residential and commercial buildings around the world. Due to global challenges such as urbanisation and climate change, your focus will be to ensure that our solutions are sustainable for many years to come. As part of our team, you will engage in a variety of challenging assignments in which you have the opportunity to make real impact. We have a truly collaborative environment where you can grow your skills and develop as a professional together with your team.  

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Realizing a sustainable and safe future of our planet 

As part of our global team, you will contribute with your knowledge in creating a safer environment for people to work and live in, a sustainable footprint and saving energy and cutting costs for our industrial customers within the marine, offshore and process industry. As leaders in our global market, we are a trustworthy partner to our well-known customers – providing products for thermal, acoustic and fire-safe insulation of their technical applications. Our creative environment and the support from our leaders will empower you to take on challenges and work with a high level of responsibility. With curiosity and commitment, we always strive to create the best value for our customers’ future.

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Improving wellbeing with everyday acoustics 

As part of our team, you contribute to improving wellbeing all across the world by creating happy and healthy indoor spaces. Our complete acoustic solutions ensure that people have better sleep quality, children have more effective learning, patients have faster recovery times, employees have calmer and productive workspaces, and everyone can experience great shows in music halls. With our customer-oriented, dynamic and entrepreneurial team, you will have a great deal of challenging and fun assignments.

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Innovating for a greener and sustainable world

We are at the forefront of innovating the horticultural industry, by creating media solutions for the sustainable cultivation of vegetables, flowers and plants using stone wool. This way of growing results in higher yields while using less of the world’s valuable natural resources – today and for generations to come. In our team-oriented and entrepreneurial environment, you will work with many challenging and interesting assignments that make a real impact on sustainability. Your contribution will be vital as we continue to create new chapters of our business story.

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Making buildings better, safer and more beautiful 

Collaborating at an innovative and premier supplier in ventilate façade cladding, you will be part of a creative team where you will contribute to developing sustainable and innovative solutions that turns the boldest design visions into reality. You will enable our stakeholders to make their design dreams come true while creating safe and sustainable building solutions. A variety of exciting tasks and regular global and local interactions ensure that you will thrive with us. You will contribute with your knowledge to further apply the strengths of our attractive and aesthetic products to modern living.

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Incubating ideas to improve urban living 

Our aim is to improve quality of life by developing sustainable solutions that address challenges such as noise and dust reduction, water management, and vibration insulation. As part of our team, you will contribute to our innovations, taking them even further through your expertise. You will work in a dynamic and innovative environment where strong teamwork is the key to making a real impact on urban living and making people’s everyday life more pleasant and comfortable. 

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Creating great solutions through “the power of &” 

You will be part of an accelerated business unit that is launching a new business proposition. Our teams partner with industrial manufacturers to provide stone wool solutions at their core. At ROCKWOOL Core Solutions, we believe in The Power of &. This approach focuses on going beyond our customer’s expectations and allows our teams to adapt a unique consultative method that safeguards the continuity of partner’s business and streamlines operations with a complete array of services. Together, we create products that truly benefit the end-customers and enrich their living. In our area, you will have opportunities to interact with customers and colleagues internationally. You are offered a varied role, where you will be empowered to take responsibility. 

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