UL Listings

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ROXUL SAFE® 65 & 55












Floor to Floor
FF-D-0002 FF-D-0011 FF-D-0014 FF-D-0015
FF-D-0016 FF-D-0019 FF-D-0022 FF-D-0023
FF-D-0025 FF-D-0026 FF-D-0028 FF-D-0067
FF-D-1001 FF-D-1002 FF-D-1003 FF-D-1004
FF-D-1006 FF-D-1007 FF-D-1008 FF-D-1010
FF-D-1020 FF-D-1021 FF-D-1024 FF-D-1025
FF-D-1027 FF-D-1036 FF-D-1040 FF-D-1041
FF-D-1042 FF-D-1045 FF-D-1051 FF-D-1077
FF-D-1084 FF-S-1031    
Floor to Wall
FW-D-0004 FW-D-0007 FW-D-0009 FW-D-0010
FW-D-0014 FW-D-0017 FW-D-0018 FW-D-0020
FW-D-0021 FW-D-0023 FW-D-0024 FW-D-0026
FW-D-0044 FW-D-1001 FW-D-1002 FW-D-1005
FW-D-1006 FW-D-1007 FW-D-1009 FW-D-1010
FW-D-1017 FW-D-1020 FW-D-1024 FW-D-1033
FW-D-1035 FW-D-1038 FW-D-1039 FW-D-1040
FW-D-1044 FW-D-1045 FW-D-1051 FW-D-1065
FW-D-1066 FW-D-1068 FW-D-1070 FW-S-1016
Head of Wall
HW-D-0001 HW-D-0160 HW-D-0358 HW-D-0437
HW-D-0016 HW-D-0170 HW-D-0359 HW-D-0438
HW-D-0017 HW-D-0171 HW-D-0360 HW-D-0439
HW-D-0020 HW-D-0172 HW-D-0361 HW-D-0441
HW-D-0021 HW-D-0173 HW-D-0362 HW-D-0442
HW-D-0022 HW-D-0174 HW-D-0363 HW-D-0447
HW-D-0023 HW-D-0192 HW-D-0365 HW-D-0456
HW-D-0026 HW-D-0204 HW-D-0366 HW-D-0457
HW-D-0029 HW-D-0205 HW-D-0376 HW-D-0458
HW-D-0030 HW-D-0206 HW-D-0377 HW-D-0459
HW-D-0031 HW-D-0223 HW-D-0378 HW-D-0465
HW-D-0034 HW-D-0228 HW-D-0379 HW-D-0467
HW-D-0038 HW-D-0229 HW-D-0382 HW-D-0468
HW-D-0039 HW-D-0230 HW-D-0384 HW-D-0472
HW-D-0040 HW-D-0233 HW-D-0385 HW-D-0473
HW-D-0043 HW-D-0237 HW-D-0386 HW-D-0478
HW-D-0044 HW-D-0238 HW-D-0387 HW-D-0479
HW-D-0054 HW-D-0248 HW-D-0388 HW-D-0495
HW-D-0055 HW-D-0252 HW-D-0389 HW-D-0496
HW-D-0069 HW-D-0253 HW-D-0390 HW-D-0499
HW-D-0073 HW-D-0263 HW-D-0391 HW-D-0504
HW-D-0075 HW-D-0265 HW-D-0393 HW-D-0507
HW-D-0086 HW-D-0278 HW-D-0394 HW-D-0508
HW-D-0088 HW-D-0279 HW-D-0395 HW-D-0513
HW-D-0091 HW-D-0280 HW-D-0404 HW-D-0518
HW-D-0092 HW-D-0281 HW-D-0405 HW-D-0536
HW-D-0099 HW-D-0284 HW-D-0406 HW-D-0546
HW-D-0101 HW-D-0293 HW-D-0407 HW-D-0547
HW-D-0102 HW-D-0299 HW-D-0408 HW-D-0548
HW-D-0107 HW-D-0300 HW-D-0409 HW-D-0549
HW-D-0108 HW-D-0304 HW-D-0410 HW-D-1001
HW-D-0109 HW-D-0305 HW-D-0411 HW-D-1002
HW-D-0110 HW-D-0306 HW-D-0412 HW-D-1003
HW-D-0136 HW-D-0307 HW-D-0413 HW-D-1004
HW-D-0137 HW-D-0308 HW-D-0414 HW-D-1005
HW-D-0139 HW-D-0309 HW-D-0415 HW-D-1006
HW-D-0140 HW-D-0310 HW-D-0416 HW-D-1007
HW-D-0146 HW-D-0311 HW-D-0417 HW-D-1010
HW-D-0149 HW-D-0325 HW-D-0423 HW-D-1015
HW-D-0152 HW-D-0326 HW-D-0427 HW-D-1018
HW-D-0153 HW-D-0327 HW-D-0432 HW-D-1021
HW-D-0156 HW-D-0328 HW-D-0433 HW-D-1024
HW-D-0157 HW-D-0331 HW-D-0436 HW-D-1034
HW-D-1034 HW-D-1036 HW-D-1040 HW-D-1059
HW-D-1060 HW-D-1064 HW-D-1071 HW-D-1073
HW-D-1074 HW-D-1075 HW-D-1076 HW-D-1077
HW-D-1032 HW-D-1089 HW-D-1035
Wall to Wall
WW-D-0013 WW-D-0018 WW-D-0019  WW-D-0020
WW-D-0045 WW-D-0046 WW-D-0047 WW-D-0063
WW-D-0075 WW-D-1001 WW-D-1002 WW-D-1003
WW-D-1004 WW-D-1005 WW-D-1006 WW-D-1007
WW-D-1010 WW-D-1023 WW-D-1027 WW-D-1028
WW-D-1029 WW-D-1036 WW-D-1037 WW-D-1038
WW-D-1039 WW-D-1042 WW-D-1043 WW-D-1066