NFPA 285 fire testing is complex. Noncombustible ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation can help.

NFPA 285 is a fire test standard that measures the flammability characteristics of exterior non-load-bearing wall assemblies. Noncombustible stone wool insulation enhances the fire protection and efficiency of your building – helping you achieve successful test results without ever sacrificing your design freedom.

Designing to meet NFPA 285 requirements fact sheet

One of the best ways to improve thermal performance and open up design possibilities is to use the right kind of continuous exterior insulation. Find out how.

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A guide to understanding NFPA 285 requirements

There are still a number of uncertainties surrounding NFPA 285. Discover how the insulation you choose may restrict your design freedom.

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Fire Resilience: Safer places to live and work

Building fires today develop 5-10 times faster 2 than they did 50 years ago due primarily to our increased use of synthetic materials. Fire-resistant stone wool insulation can slow the spread of fire, providing more time for people to escape and fire fighters to arrive.

Energy efficiency: High-performance spaces

Energy-efficiency targets in North American building codes are increasing. By designing with the building envelope in mind, using a noncombustible insulation with proper cladding, you can create a high-performing, energy-efficient space.