Webinar: Understanding Stone Wool Insulation in Commercial Roofing

January 1, 1

This one-hour technical seminar will cover roof insulation board properties and the building science behind roof insulation strategies that improve thermal performance.

Research has shown how seasonal behaviour of foamed plastic insulation effects thermal performance and annual heat transfer.

This presentation will review how stone wool insulation strategies can play a significant role in the inevitable long term performance of the roof as it relates to year over year energy consumption, passive fire protection and measures for sound control.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the differences between stone wool and foam plastic Insulation.
  • Project applications for stone wool in roofing.
  • Define stone wool insulation and show how it’s made.
  • Discuss the features and benefits of using stone wool in a roof system.



Gary Osmond, Technical Sales Specialist, Roofing

Gary Osmond has a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology, his work experience started in the late 1970’s as a municipal plans examiner and building inspector for the City of Stoney Creek. Over the past 40 years Gary has worked in a Construction Technology Capacity for two levels of Government, an Architect, Land Developer, a Building Science Consulting Engineering office and building materials manufacturers in Canada and the USA. Gary has published 3 technical articles and presented numerous accredited Technical Seminars in both Canada and USA. Gary has developed a reputation as an expert in building and construction technology by his peers and the design professionals he’s had the pleasure of meeting.


Joseph Donnelly, Technical Sales Specialist, Roofing

Joe Donnelly has a long history in sustainable roofing design and construction. Based on his knowledge of energy efficiency and sustainability of overburden assemblies, he was recruited by ROCKWOOL in 2018 to advance specifications of stone wool insulation for the low-slope roofing industry as a Technical Sales Specialist. With a B.S. in Business Management from West Chester University of Pennsylvania and over a decade navigating single-source warranted assemblies, Joe is proud to advance technical sales across America for the global leader in stone wool manufacturing.

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