This course will discuss how stone wool insulation can be used as exterior insulation to assist with moisture management.

The high vapor permeance and hydrophobic properties enables increased drying potential and limits risks of moisture related problems. Moisture modelling tools such as WUFI enables designers to make informed decisions on the products used in their assembly. This presentation will showcase results of simulations that demonstrate the impact of different materials when it comes to moisture control. In addition, in-situ case studies will be highlighted that demonstrate the performance of stone wool insulation in exterior applications.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand moisture control building science fundamentals.
  2. Understand how stone wool can be used in exterior wall applications.
  3. Make informed decisions about the appropriate rain control and vapor control strategies for wall assemblies.
  4. Review in-situ examples of stone wool performance attributes.


Antoine Habellion,

Building Science Manager

Alejandra Nieto,

R&D Project Manager


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