Webinar: Building Envelope Best Practices

This engaging webinar will help you realize tools and techniques in executing projects that meet and exceed industry and site expectations.

Mid rise wood frame building in Canada

At a high level, the presentation will outline the design, pre-construction, and construction thought process through the lens of a specialist.

Project success can be derived from different subjective metrics including finished quality, client satisfaction and/or innovative advances. It can also be measured by objective metrics include meeting schedule, budget/profit, and compliant performance testing. To achieve that success, industry standards, regional building codes, manufacturer’s literature and standardized testing are tools waiting to be leveraged. The tools and techniques presented by Entuitive aim to realize opportunities and ensure the success of each metric is met or exceeded on your projects.

Learning Objectives

  • What tools contractors have available to perform their work on site.
  • The perspective of how a consultant looks at a project.
  • Considerations when designing and constructing envelope systems.

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