Rush Hospital

Rush University Medical Center is a 14 story hospital that caters to critical care, surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic services for Chicago and surrounding areas. The architect used input from employees and patients to design this stateof-the-art building that has become one of the nations most advanced hospitals. This center is utilizing the most advanced technology availableand has become a design icon for the Chicago  area. Another objective of the design is to conserve water, reduce waste and use the most efficient and sustainable building materials. This is why ROCKWOOL products were chosen to be part of the construction.

Benefits of ROCKWOOL Insulation

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation, has a long term stable R-value, is dimensionally stable, fire resistant, water repellent, non-corrosive, sound absorbent, will not promote mold and fungi growth and is environmentally sustainable.

Project location

Chicago, Illinois

ROCKWOOL excelled in supplying large quantities of CAVITYROCK® x 3”
(24” x 60”) on short notice and the quality of the ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation
is exceptional.

Patrick (PJ) Herald

Vice President US Insulation Company/Thermal & Acoustical Contractors

Rainscreen Assembly


• Air space


• Permeable air barrier

• Exterior gypsum board

• Steel stud


• Vapor barrier

• Gypsum board


Rush Hospital Case Study 5