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Churches, schools, athletic facilities and commercial buildings worldwide have used Perdue to help create more comfortable spaces that embrace sound and music or filter it out for quiet work environments or relaxation.

Perdue works closely with their customers to make sure that the acoustic solutions are just as effective as they are aesthetic. For over 20 years, Perdue has been producing wall and ceiling acoustical treatments that are highly rated in:



Perdue Acoustics Assembly

• ROCKWOOL Stone Wool

• Core High-Impact Random Strand Mat

• 100% Recycled Fabric

• Sound Absorption

• Durability

• Aesthetics

• Fire protection

• Value

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ROCKWOOLTM insulation is incorporated into Perdue’s patented products and the treatments are wrapped in fabric or vinyl to meet the aesthetic needs of any facility, as well as the acoustic needs. ROCKWOOL is ideal for sound dampening, across a wide range of frequencies and is seamlessly integrated with the patented system that Perdue uses to create sound panels, Baffles, Wedges™, Drum Booths and other diffusing or reflecting sound technology.

The unique non-directional structure of ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is more dense than traditional insulations, effectively reducing airflow and as a result, reducing sound transmissions. Higher air flow resistivity means better sound attenuation.

While sound attenuation is important, ROCKWOOL is also:

• Non-combustible

• Water Repellant

• Mold and Fungus Resistant

• Dimensionally Stable

• No VOC or Off Gassing

The Core Solutions segment at ROCKWOOL works closely with customers like Perdue to make sure that the product they are using is technically the best for the application and engineered specifically to meet the needs of the customer.

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ROCKWOOL was the only company with the manufacturing process and
expertise capable of meeting the extremely high demands of what we needed. They worked it out, engineered it out and ‘brought home the gold’ in everything we’ve ever asked them to do.

Jay Perdue

President & Owner of Perdue Acoustics