ROXUL is now available in 53 more Florida Lowe's locations!

January 1, 1

We're excited to let you know that our stone wool insulation products are now easier to find in Florida!Starting right now, our stone wool insulation products, which are based on one of nature’s most abundant resources—volcanic rock—are available at 53 additional Lowe's locations across Florida.

Along with being made from a renewable and sustainable material, stone wool insulation is a durable solution. It also has many additional benefits, which will last the lifetime of a building. 


  • Superior fire resistance
    Put simply, rock won’t burn. That’s why our stone wool products have naturally occurring and unmatched fire resilience qualities that will improve the fire resistance of any building.

  • Excellent acoustics
    It’s not just heat and fire that finds it tough to get through rock. ROXUL stone wool products are also amongst the most effective acoustic insulation solutions used in construction.

  • A durable solution
    Nothing lasts like solid rock. That’s why stone wool insulation won’t shrink, it won’t move and it won’t crumble. In fact, stone wool insulation is so durable, it will maintain its performance for the lifetime of a building.

  • Sustainable materials and production
    ROXUL stone wool is the sustainable choice. Not only do our insulation products create sustainable buildings, they are made from a sustainable material and produced in a sustainable way, too.