Hello Rockwool

Change is a catalyst. It's what drives the curiosity, discovery and innovation that solves greater challenges. Watch our story unfold.

The rebrand will […] allow us to leverage our collective strengths to better serve both new and existing customers.

Trent Ogilvie

President - ROCKWOOL North America
For years, I've been working with stone wool insulation, not only because it provides distinct advantages for the home, but because it's just smart for the homeowners. Now things are set to get even better!

Scott McGillivray

It's great to see you making positive changes for the future.

Casey Cooper

I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you as you improve home construction.

Matt Muenster

New year. New name. New possibilities. Great work!

Mark Clement

This change is exciting!

Jeff Patterson

I'm looking forward to sharing in your rebrand excitement!

Dave Wilson

You've been making homes safer, quieter and more efficient for years.

Matt Risinger


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