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A great company requires heart and dedication

We leverage the properties of the most abundant resource in nature to improve peoples' work and wellbeing in all kinds of different ways.

Our solutions are influential in making people's lives richer, more productive, and more beautiful.

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Making the world a better place

We enjoy working in a company that creates solutions that contribute to making the world a better place to live.

Our biggest shareholder is the ROCKWOOL Foundation which invests a significant amount of time and money toward benefitting society. If you would also appreciate working in a company that has integrity and corporate responsibility in its DNA, then browse our open positions and apply for a job within the Group.

Corporate social responsibility

We continuously improve our social performance by setting ambitious targets and integrating social, human rights and health & safety considerations into our daily business. We maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders and report annually on our social performance in our Sustainability Report.

Our products and services improve the living conditions for millions of people by giving them thermal comfort, affordable heating and cooling, increased fire resilience, acoustic comfort and lower vibration levels from urban transport, and fewer chemicals in vegetables from greenhouses.

Most of our products have a positive impact on global challenges like climate change and diminishing reserves of fossil fuels. These positive contributions to the world are important to our employees, management, the Board of Directors and inspire us in our daily work.

What's your passion?

No matter what area of business you'd like to work in, you can help change the world for the better by contributing towards the production of better products and by leaving a smaller footprint in the process.

Join us in improving living conditions for millions of people by working for a sustainable business.