AIA Conference on Architecture 2019

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The ROCKWOOL Learning Hub

What happens at Booth 5311, doesn't stay at Booth 5311

Join us at The ROCKWOOL Learning Hub for our 15 minute education series and bring some insights and learnings back home with you:

Day 1 - June 6th

  • 10:00am - Graham Finch - Commercial Details Part 1
  • 11:30am - Antoine Habellion - Building Science Strategies
  • 1:30pm - Graham Finch - Cladding Attachments
  • 3:00pm - Todd Kimmel - Passive House Solutions

Day 2 - June 7th

  • 10:00am - Graham Finch - Commercial Details Part 2
  • 11:30am - Joe Donnelly - Roofing: More than an R
  • 1:30pm - Graham Finch - Building Taller with Wood
  • 3:00pm - Christian Kofod - Sustainability Built-In

ROCKWOOL at the CE Theatre

Join Graham Finch, Principal, Senior Building Science Research Specialist from RDH as he discusses Building Taller With Wood: Understanding Material & Design Choices

Mid- to high-rise wood buildings are attracting interest across North America. However, there are challenges to consider compared to low-rise buildings, such as increased wind and rain loads, more demanding energy code requirements, and unique maintenance and operating considerations. 

Join this session to examine building science principles, research, and case studies in order to build your understanding of key materials, details, and enclosure assemblies. 

In addition, you'll acquire new strategies for creating durable, energy-efficient, and taller wood buildings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why mid- and high-rise buildings are becoming more common and what code changes have enabled this shift.
  • Recognize how building science principles and research have been applied to real-world design problems in successful mid- and high-rise wood building projects.
  • Explore both benefits and challenges of engineered materials, such as cross-laminated timber and prefabricated components.
  • Identify appropriate materials for critical control layers, and understand how they work together in mid- and high-rise wood buildings.

The ROCKWOOL Learning Hub Speaker Session Bios

Commercial Details Part 1 & 2, Cladding Attachments

Graham Finch, Principal, RDH Building Science

Graham Finch is a Principal and senior building science engineer with RDH Building Science who specializes in research and investigation work. His work experience includes a wide range of projects including building enclosure and facade design, forensic investigations, research studies, energy assessments, building monitoring programs, field review, and testing services for new and existing buildings across North America.

He has also worked with numerous building product manufacturers and industry groups on product research and development, performance monitoring, and field testing. Graham has co-authored several publications and industry guideline documents on building enclosures and regularly presents on a wide range of building science topics at various industry events throughout the US and Canada.

Designing for High Performance

Antoine Habellion, M.Eng, M.A.S., Building Science Manager, ROCKWOOL™

Antoine Habellion, M.Eng, M.A.S., is the Manager of the Building Science department of ROCKWOOL, where the main focus of his work, apart from the team management, entails managing of building enclosure research projects related to energy efficiency, enclosure performance, summer comfort, hygrothermal analysis, Building Information Modeling (BIM), durability and resilience. As a building science professional, the core group of his clients include architects, engineers, design consultants and contractors.  Prior to moving to North America, Antoine worked as a building scientist in Paris, France, with the Latin Division of ROCKWOOL.

Antoine holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the engineering school of Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieur in Lille, France and an advanced master’s degree in Building Science from the engineering schools of Arts et Métiers ParisTech and ESTP in Paris, France. His experience also includes several years at Bouygues Construction as a Telecom Engineer and then a Thermal Engineer. He has now managed and completed numerous building science research projects and has assisted design teams on various construction projects across Europe and North America.

Passive House Solutions

Todd Kimmel, CPHD, CDT, Regional Architectural Manager, ROCKWOOL™

Todd Kimmel is the New York City Architectural Manager for ROCKWOOL. He has over 19 years of technical experience working on building enclosures and façade systems. This includes the management and oversight of large scale commercial building enclosures, working as the product and technical manager for Trespa North America, and as a Technical Consultant for Dorken Systems (Air and Moisture Barriers). 

Todd is a  Certified Passive House Consultant (Passive House Institute) and currently serves as an executive board member for New York Passive House (a partner organization of the North American Passive House Network – NAPHN). He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service.

Roofing: More than an R

Joe Donnelly, Roofing Technical Sales Specialist, ROCKWOOL™

Joseph Donnelly has a long and multifaceted history in sustainable design and construction. Following initial experience in commercial landscape design and construction, he went on to build nationally recognized expertise in the burgeoning green roof industry, leading thousands of vegetated roofing assembly projects across the United States with Rooflite Green Roof Media to increase the sustainability of both new construction and retrofit applications for leading waterproofing manufacturers. 

Based on his knowledge of energy efficiency and sustainability of overburden assemblies, he was recently recruited by ROCKWOOL to advance specifications of stone wool insulation for the low-slope roofing industry. With a B.S. in Business Management from West Chester University in Pennsylvania and over a decade navigating single-source warranted assemblies, Joe is proud to advance technical sales across America for the global leader in stone wool manufacturing.

Sustainability Built-In

Christian Kofod, Sustainability Manager, ROCKWOOL™

Christian Kofod a Sustainability Manager with ROCKWOOL™ and Rockfon focusing on material transparency and supporting healthy indoor environments without unwanted indoor pollutants such as flame retardants or anti-microbials. Since graduating as a Chemical Engineer, his career has revolved around sustainability and after a brief stint working with Life Cycle Assessments within a wide range of industries, his career has focused primarily on building products. 

After several years of representing the Danish woodworking and furniture industries as a part of the Confederation of Danish Industry, he joined the ROCKWOOL Group working as Public Affairs and Sustainability for the global Rockfon acoustic ceiling tile brand for 7 years, before taking his currently role as Sustainability Manager for both ROCKWOOL and Rockfon North America in 2017. Christian has worked with many green building schemes such as LEED, WELL, DGNB (Germany and Denmark), HQE (France), BREEAM (UK and Norway). Mr. Kofod has also worked across borders with EPDs in Holland, Norway, Germany, France, UK and North America, and with product emission testing in multiple continents.