Building Owners

See the difference one layer can make

The dramatic temperature drops between day and night, along with increased air movement, can cause your insulation to lose up to 20% of its R-value. By replacing your current insulation and coverboard with a single layer of TOPROCK® DD, you're adding the thermal stability that protects your R-values and improves the performance of your building.

Building Efficiency

Insulating your roof properly by maintaining thermal performance is an effective way to minimize heat loss and reduce heating bills.

Quicker Installation

By reducing a layer of your roof system, you can minimize installation time and interruptions for your building occupants.

Occupant Comfort

The added fire resistance and sound absorbency provide your occupants with a safer, more comfortable environment.


A safer environment

With a melting point of up to 2150°F (1177°C), TOPROCK® DD products won't develop smoke or spread flames when exposed to fire.

Quieter and more comfortable

TOPROCK® DD products are denser than conventional insulation – effectively reducing sound transmissions and creating more comfortable environments.

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