SCB (sleeved Cavity Barrier)

ROCKWOOL SCB is a sleeved cavity barrier suitable for use in masonry, timber frame and steel frame cavities, designed to inhibit the spread of fire through concealed voids.

ROCKWOOL SCB features and provides:

       Tested to BS EN 1366-4:2021

       110mm and 200mm widths

       Suitable for cavities up to 290mm

       Horizontal and vertical installation

       Fire rating up to E120, I45, subject to the application

The new product is tested for masonry/concrete to concrete, OSB (timber frame) and CP board (steel frame) applications, with a consistent 10mm compression fit.

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SCB (sleeved carrier barrier) pack shot and render

Fire Barrier EN

ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier EN is a passive fire protection solution designed to inhibit the spread of fire and smoke through concealed spaces of a building.

The new product builds and expands upon the scope of application available from ROCKWOOL, while streamlining the range to simplify specification and installation.

       Tested to BS EN 1364-1:2015

       Single 50mm thickness

       Single or double-sided black foil facing

       Up to 2 hours fire resistance – integrity and insulation*

*Subject to the application and fixing method.

Tested across a series of common applications, Fire Barrier EN is a versatile solution for a wide range of passive fire protection projects.

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Fire Barrier EN - Passive Fire Protection for Reinforced stone wool roll for subdividing extensive cavities.

RockLap H&V Pipe Supports

Designed to minimise thermal bridging and align with guidance in Building Regulations Part B, RockLap H&V Pipe Supports are a non-combustible, high-density pipe support solution.

RockLap H&V Pipe Supports has secured CE mark accreditation that recognises its performance against European health, safety and environmental standards. This accreditation allows building professionals to meet the latest statutory guidance, including BS 5422:2023.

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RockLap H&V Pipe Supports