Application-specific technical guidance

Explore how the 2018 ban on combustible materials and recent Building Safety Act apply to construction elements attached to the façade, including upstands, balconies and terraces.

‘Fire Classification of Bonded Insulation Materials’ highlights compliance gaps and risks to ensure specifiers and contractors remain at the forefront of best practice.

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Euroclass reaction-to-fire ratings

In light of the combustibles ban, the simplest way to determine the combustibility of a building product is by checking its Euroclass reaction-to-fire rating.

The Technical Bulletin covers details and requirements of the Euroclass reaction-to-fire test, and supports specifiers in quickly and confidently selecting non-combustible products.

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Bonded and composite product analysis

‘Fire Classification of Bonded Insulation Materials’ examines the ramifications of bonding insulation materials such as a facing board and an insulation board, with respect to the non-combustibility of the resulting composite product – including specific processes relating to product manufacture.

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