CE Marking

The CE marking of construction products utilizes a common, agreed set of European standard test methods and classification systems to provide the end-user with a way of comparing relative property performances.

With the introduction of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), CE marking will become mandatory for all construction products covered by a harmonised technical specification from 1st July 2013.

This regulation is an EU law and is being adopted by all member states including the United Kingdom. After this date, it will be illegal to sell any products covered by a harmonized European standard which are not tested and CE marked accordingly.

This new approach will standardise the key features of technical insulation materials (e.g. thermal conductivity, reaction to fire, mechanical characteristics etc.) and ensure an accurate comparison of products across the market is established.

ROCKWOOL insulation product have been CE marked for the construction industry in the UK since 2002, constantly introducing more and more of its product range each year as requirements change. The exceptions are those products which are not currently covered by a harmonised European Standard.

ROCKWOOL company is committed to gaining all the necessary certification and accreditation of its products to comply with the regulations set by the EU law within the allotted time frame.