ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation benefits

21 February 2017

This week, we take a look at the top three benefits of this insulation material.

ROCKWOOL UK Factory Employees

Not only is stone wool insulation made from a natural and vastly abundant material - volcanic rock, it absorbs sound, provides a barrier to fire and retains warmth.



Stone wool insulation is renowned for its excellent acoustic properties. With its dense, non-directional fibre structure, it effectively traps sound waves and dampens vibration to provide an enhanced noise reducing solution.

Fully tested to meet the rigorous demands of today’s legislation, stone wool insulation is proven to reduce ambient, impact and reverberation noise.



Created using the same process that occurs at the heart of a volcano, stone wool tolerates temperatures of up to 1000°C and does not burn.

In the event of a fire, stone wool products are designed to remain stable and slow the spread of flames. The products are fire-safe and help to protect the building’s load-bearing structure, buying valuable time for occupants to safely escape and also help to protect the building’s load-bearing structure, thereby protecting lives and investment.



Its excellent insulating properties derive from tiny pockets of air trapped within the physical structure of the stone wool.

As well as reducing the heat needed to keep buildings warm in winter, stone wool insulation also maintains a cool interior temperature in summer. It’s energy efficient as well as being environmentally friendly.

These benefits are a key focus in the ROCKWOOL Origins video. Watch it here