ROCKWOOL on display as a SuperMaterial at the Building Centre

03 February 2017

Continuing its efforts to promote the pioneering and sustainable story behind stone wool insulation, ROCKWOOL is featuring in SuperMaterial, a three month exhibition that is taking place from Wednesday 1st February to Thursday 27th April 2017 at The Building Centre.

ROCKWOOL UK Factory Employees

Owned and operated by the Built Environment Trust, The Building Centre aims to promote innovation in the built environment hosting various exhibitions, events and talks throughout the year.  SuperMaterial is the latest exhibition to be hosted at the venue. This exhibition aims to celebrate and promote ground-breaking and sustainable building materials.

Throughout the three month exhibition, visitors to The Building Centre will be able to explore how materials are transforming the way society envisages, creates and builds cities and landscapes of today and tomorrow.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the manufacturing process of ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation.  ROCKWOOL products are created from volcanic rock – a natural material in abundant supply, which is both durable and recyclable. Harnessing the natural qualities of diabase rock, ROCKWOOL re-engineers volcanic rock to enrich the built environment.

Made from natural and sustainable materials, ROCKWOOL stone wool has outstanding thermal, acoustic and fire insulation properties, as well as being highly durable and recycle-able. It has a long and sustainable lifespan and has been found to perform to the same high standard for decades.

ROCKWOOL has developed an Origins video, which captures the manufacturing journey of its stone wool insulation. To watch the video, click here or search ROCKWOOL Origins in YouTube.

SuperMaterial is a top level event directed at professionals within the built environment, including architects and designers, as well as and those with a strong interest in the latest sustainable and innovative building materials. The exhibition is free to attend and can be found at The Building Centre in Store Street, London.

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