The ROCKWOOL Mobile Training Center was created to help you learn about ROCKWOOL products and the technologies in which they can be used.

During training sessions organized all over Poland, professionals provide advice and instructions on techniques used to insulate attics and external walls with rock wool. Professionals from the Mobile Training Center visit many cities throughout the country throughout the year, conducting training wherever they are needed, where they are willing to.

You can participate in training for almost the whole year, there will always be a place where such a specialist meeting will take place in the near future. Participation in it is always free. The trainings take place not only in schools and practical training centers, they are also organized by our clients at their points of sale and in wholesalers. All this to ensure the best and easiest access to them.

We regularly inform contractors about dates and locations of training by e-mail, text, social media, in the pages of SUPERMAGAZYN.

During the trainings, experts raise topics that will be useful to all contractors of single-family house insulation. They want to provide as much practical knowledge as possible, which is why, apart from lectures, they prepare for performers shows of various techniques for insulating external walls and attics . Experts will explain how to properly insulate a classic attic, how to make rafter insulation , insulate a frame house , trusses , wooden ceilings and structural walls. They also present the light dry method in the ETICS system and how to fix facade wool to skins, insulation of basement ceilings , as well asceilings over garages and passageways .

The trainings were planned in such a way as not only to guarantee the possibility of gaining professional knowledge, but also to allow the exchange of contacts and experiences between participants. They are each other's greatest treasury of knowledge, interesting stories and stories about working on a construction site. Each training we organize ends with a special certificate that can be used as an additional argument during negotiations with investors. Completing the training also opens the way to receiving the ROCKWOOL Contractor Certificate .

We encourage distributors, owners of building wholesalers and all interested entities to organize training in their city. Due to the fact that each of our trainings is publicized among contractors, we promote in our sales point, new participants arrive at each of them. This gives you the opportunity to expand your network of contacts and meet your customers. If you decide to organize training at your point, you will have a real impact on the selection of training topics, we will provide you with the necessary materials and products for it, and help you promote it.


Below are the upcoming events in which experts, trainers and specialists of ROCKWOOL Romania will take part.




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