ProRox SL 940 NA

ProRox SL 940 NA is a rigid mineral wool (stone wool) insulation board for high temperature industrial applications.

ProRox SL 940 NA is recommended for the thermal and acoustic insulation of technical equipment. Product is also recommended for a variety of Power Generation Application including: precipitators, breechings, ductwork, compressors, turbines, exhaust systems, silencers, scrubbers, economizers, generators. For Petrochemical & Process sector, ProRox SL 940 NA is recommended for use in: tank panel & walls, ovens, boilers, autoclaves, furnaces, columns and vessels. This product is also recommended for general applications such as Industrial filters, stacks chimneys, towers and equipment enclosures.

  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Designed for high temperature operations