I chose safe and sound to insulate our son’s room that we were building. He gets loud when he games online with his friends and we needed sound proofing that was inexpensive and easy to install. I love the product.


Gainsville, FL
ROCKWOOL SAFE'n'SOUND with Matt Muenster
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Learn about best-practices and sound-proofing insights from the pros. See how you can make Safe'n'Sound insulation an easy-to-install and customer-satisfying element of your project

Designer, Contractor and HGTV host Matt Muenster discusses ROCKWOOL Safe'n'Sound®. SAFE because this product will not burn, leaving you time in the event of a fire. SOUND because of its ability to absorb noise from room to room and between floors.

5 Tips For Quieter Homes

Quiet homes make for happy clients. Find out how you can add even more peace and quiet with these effective, sound-dampening tips.

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Sound control and fire safety from one batt Insulation

See how Safe'n'Sound® insulation assemblies can enhance the comfort and safety throughout the home.  

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