See a whole new perspective on low-slope roofs.

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A stone wool roofing insulation and coverboard in one. 

Just one layer improves your building’s energy efficiency and performance. Tested and approved for multiple low-slope roof assemblies, ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ reduces the number of layers required while improving the performance of your entire assembly. Fast and easy to use, it’s fewer steps to get a good job done.


Energy-saving thermal performance

Minimal change in thermal performance, increased thermal mass and increased dimensional stability allow for reduced gaps, increased energy efficiency and the potential for longer-lasting roofs. 


Made of non-combustible material

A melting point of up to 2150°F (1177°C) means ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ will not develop smoke or spread flames when exposed to fire. Only stone wool products are FM 4470 – Non-Combustible Core rated.


Superior sound absorption

Combining the non-directional fiber structure of ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ with increased mass allows for sound reduction and more comfortable occupants.


Ready to use with both hot- and cold-adhered roofing systems.

ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ is the first stone wool insulation product with a built-in coverboard and a mineral-coated fiberglass facer that is compatible with multiple attachment methods. It can be used as a roof insulation or insulating coverboard over other insulations. In these cases, it improves performance by regulating the temperature of the thermal insulation, particularly in cold temperatures. 

Quieter and more comfortable

ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ is denser than conventional insulation – effectively reducing sound transmissions and creating more comfortable environments.


Longer-lasting performance

The exceptional stability of ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ reduces gaps, system movements and stresses, potentially increasing the longevity of your roof.