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It is often by pure chance that new revolutionary discoveries are made. It was also in this way that the material which became the basis of stone wool came into existence.

From lava to insulation

During a volcanic eruption in Hawaii the rocks in the interior of the volcano melted at once at the extremely high temperatures and were hurled into the air during the explosion. When the glowing masses of rock fell down on the surrounding territories, they were transformed into large wool-like tufts owing to the cooling of the air. A unique material was created from nature's own materials.

Today the stone wool is produced in a similar process. By means of a patented technology stones of the type diabase are melted and transformed into fibres. Binder is added to the fibres and they are shaped into wool. In the further production process the stone wool is pressed, shaped and cut according to exactly determined specifications. A unique combination of a large number of properties is found in ROCKWOOL stone wool.
Stone wool is:

  • Fire Resistant
  • Heat insulating
  • Non-combustible
  • Moisture and water repellent
  • Sound-absorbing

Fire resistance

ROCKWOOL stone wool fibres can withstand more than 1000°C without melting, whereas the binding agent is lost at temperatures in excess of 250°C. When the temperature rises above 250°C, the binder will evaporate in the zone which is exposed to 250°C or more. But the fibres will remain intact as their inbuilt cohesiveness and layering will keep the fibres together, ensuring that the material will retain its rigidity and protect the material beneath it from being affected by the fire.
Since mineral fibres are highly resistant to temperature variations, ROCKWOOL mineral wool can be used under conditions of very high temperature, provided that it is installed in such a way that mechanical stress will not alter its shape when the binder evaporates.

Sound Insulation

ROCKWOOL stone wool is by its basic engineering the perfect material for the purpose for adding value for the customers. Very often installations of ROCKWOOL products will supply an additional improvement in sound wellness. Within the ROCKWOOL Group great focus and development is ongoing in the field of sound design and noise reduction. ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation can supply the possibilities for true value adding for important markets as Cruise Liners and Offshore living quarters. Thermal and Acoustic ROCKWOOL insulation go hand in hand. Fire Protection solutions and Acoustic ROCKWOOL insulation matches each other perfectly. Special ROCKWOOL products for i.e. marine panels deliver exceptional performance in combination of mechanical strength, fire properties and noise reduction. Dedicated noise reduction systems where ROCKWOOL products are combined with other materials to create a sophisticated high-end solution for maximum dampening effect.


Insulation materials to be used in the marine sector are to meet stringent requirements. Particularly the requirements for fire resistance, moisture repellence and sound insulation are given high priority. ROCKWOOL insulation materials are made of stone and possess very favourable properties within these fields. The products specially developed for the marine sector all comply with IMO. Therefore, the products of ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation are used extensively for insulation in the marine sector.

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