Stone wool insulation for design freedom

As an architect, you pride yourself on a well-designed building. One that's inspirational and livable. Our non-combustible insulation paired with a cladding that brings your vision to life helps to create safer, more energy-efficient environments – without ever sacrificing your design freedom.

Fire resilience: Safer places to live and work

Building fires today develop 5-10 times faster 2 than they did 50 years ago due primarily to our increased use of synthetic materials. Fire-resistant stone wool insulation can slow the spread of fire, providing more time for people to escape and fire fighters to arrive.

Energy efficiency: Reach for higher energy goals

Energy efficiency targets in North American building codes are increasing. Continuous insulation is one of the best ways you can meet new requirements. A stable R-value makes high-density stone wool a good choice for long-term thermal performance.

Tips to build better mid-rise wood structures

Taller wood structures introduce different challenges that need to be addressed. See our top tips to build a safer, more energy-efficient mid-rise wood structure.

video Thumbnail, Mid rise wood frame building in Canada. Designing for fire resistance with John Straube

Midrise Wood Construction Video: Designing for fire resistance with John Straube