The role of the roof has advanced exponentially in modern years, extending far beyond its primary function of making a building watertight. 

Today, the concept of the roof as the fifth façade has gained traction and plays an increasingly important role in the overall architectural design of the building. 

Yet as the function of the roof has expanded, the focus on fire protection measures hasn’t always increased at the same pace. 

Recognising the risks exposed flat roofs pose, we’ve developed a series of resources to advise roofing contractors, designers, specifiers and insurers on the prominent issues surrounding the fifth façade and how to select materials that will protect lives and maintain the remaining building structure in case of fire.

Our latest whitepaper

‘Flat roofs: The functional fifth façade’ is our newest whitepaper that examines possible fire risks arising from flat roofs being used as multifunctional spaces. With flat roofs increasingly used for a variety of social and practical applications, including solar energy installations, this latest whitepaper outlines fire safety implications and best practices to identify and mitigate risks.

Whitepaper: Managing fire risk

Our seminal report ‘Flat Roofs: Managing fire risk in the fifth façade’ addresses misconceptions around testing protocols and material fire classification ratings, plus examines the rise in roof fires and the resulting social and economic impact.

CPD: The Fifth Facade

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