Renovation is hitting the headlines once again, with the EU is promoting energy efficiency renovations for Europe’s building stock as one of the best ways to help our economies recover post COVID-19. The ambitious goal to achieve the greatest economic benefit and the greenest climate impact in the shortest possible timeframe. All while simultaneously improving our health and comfort – what’s not to like?

The benefits of renovation

Many of the renovation incentives promote energy efficiency solutions, as it is these that offer the greatest benefits to the homeowners and to society at large. Using stone wool from ROCKWOOL to improve thermal insulation helps reduce energy costs, increase the fire resilience of structures, and limit noise pollution from internal and external sources – and makes your home more resilient while dealing with chronic stresses or acute shocks. They help save natural resources and reduce the burden on public infrastructure, like electricity and district heating systems.

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Renovation at the heart of recovery plans

COVID-19 is the defining global health crisis of our time and has brought with it a simultaneous economic crisis. All of this amplifies the ever-intensifying climate crisis that isn’t going away. In response, the European Commission is actively pushing energy efficiency renovation to be at the heart of its economic recovery plans. But think about it: renovating to help local economies recover makes sense. Compared to other EU industries, construction is labour-intensive and locally-based. Around 95 percent of construction companies employ 10 or fewer people, and craftsmen generate two-thirds of their revenue locally, within a 50-km radius of their business. So your home improvement project boosts an industry in need – and instantly supports craftsmen in the local community.

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