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Creating impact

In 2019, we increased the stone wool collected and recycled from customers by 23%, we improved the learning conditions for 445,000 students, saved 100 million litres of water and reduced our Lost Time Incident rate (LTI) by 17%. These are just some of our achievements in 2019. Read more about the progress we made in other areas in our Sustainability Report.

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With the release of our Sustainability Report, we also announce our aim to reduce the absolute and relative intensity* of the CO2 emissions from its production in Denmark by 70 percent (compared to 1990 levels) before 2030, matching the Danish government’s national target. Learn more about our decarbonisation in Denmark and throughout our operations in our Sustainability Report.

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Measuring our socioeconomic impact

We can now monitor the jobs and economic value ROCKWOOL creates directly or indirectly as well as the socio-economic value of the energy our products save. Together with Copenhagen Economics, we developed a new methodology to estimate our global and local contribution to create local jobs and economic growth. Read more about our socioeconomic impact in our Sustainability Report.

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Fact book and data

The factbook offers a deeper look at ROCKWOOL’s sustainability priorities, including our material issues, how we operate as a responsible business and maintain compliance, respect human rights and our progress on our sustainability goals and the SDGs. 

Young man using a tablet. Photo used in Sustainability Report 2019.

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Enhanced acoustics

Students benefited from better learning environments with Rockfon acoustic solutions in 2019

Employment created

Jobs created at our stone wool-producing facilities and with suppliers in 2019

Water saved

million litres of water saved by greenhouse growing products sold in 2019

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Michael Zarin, Vice President, Group Communications

Michael Zarin

Vice President, Group Communications, Denmark