Sustainability report 2022, SR22 , Infographics

Creating impact

In 2022, having deeply renovated an additional nine offices, we met our energy efficiency in owned offices intermediate goal. This means that we have fulfilled all five intermediate sustainability goals with baseline 2015. We improved the CO2 intensity of our factories by 17 percent and offered the Rockcycle® reclaimed materials service to our customers in a total of 19 countries by adding two new countries, Finland and Romania.

Sustainability report 2022, SR22


Improved our average global carbon intensity by 17 percent. One of the most important ways in which we are decarbonising our business is by transitioning from coal and coke to less carbon-intensive fuels. The impact of these efforts will continue growing over the coming years. Most recently, our newly opened factory in Qingyuan, China started operations using electric melting technology, which we expect will reduce annual CO2 emissions by more than 60 percent compared to the decommissioned factory it replaces. 

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Leading by example

In 2022, we continued to improve the energy efficiency of all our owned, non-renovated offices by 35 percent. By completing nine renovations globally during 2022, we are progressing well towards achieving our 2030 goal of 75 percent energy efficiency improvement. One of these buildings was Nordics headquarter office in Hedehusene, Denmark. The building renovation has also been recognised by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) by awarding the building with a Gold certificate. The project reduced the office's primary energy demand by 64 percent and a CO2 reduction of 47% compared to new build.

Sustainability report 2022, SR22
Enhanced acoustics

Students benefited from better learning environments with Rockfon acoustic solutions in 2022

Water saved

million litres of water saved by greenhouse growing products sold in 2022

Employment created

Jobs were created locally at our stone wool-producing facilities worldwide and with suppliers in 2022

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