What is energy efficiency?
What is energy efficiency?

The ability to deliver the same service (e.g. heating, cooling, mobility) with less energy. For buildings this simple definition largely underestimates the many additional benefits of energy efficiency, which range from more healthy and comfortable homes to job creation and economic growth.

What is energy efficiency?

 What is the cost of energy?
What is the cost of energy?

According to IEA World Energy Outlook 2022, our energy demand will increase by more than 150% by 2050 if we don't change our policies. Generating this additional amount of energy has a societal cost and would require a lot of resources that put a strain on our environment.

What is the cost of energy?

By how much do need to reduce energy consumption?
By how much do need to reduce energy consumption?

In order to meet our climate goals, we need to reduce our energy consumption by at least 30%. According to IEA Word Energy Outlook 2022 et al, this is the only way to manage the growing demand for energy to levels that can limit global warming to well below 1.5°C. A step change is needed.

By how much do need to reduce energy consumption?

Renovation for climate benefits

In a ground-breaking report, ROCKWOOL Group and Cambridge Econometrics set out policy solutions to achieve effective retrofit plans for greener homes and buildings and reducing energy-related costs. The report maps a clear path to greener buildings and shows strong support from the public to renovate their homes, if adequate financial and administrative support is available.

The report includes data from a global first-of-its-kind survey of 14 000 people in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States confirming the public appetite for energy efficient buildings, while also showcasing the need for governments to develop fit-for-purpose renovation programmes.

Commenting on the report, ROCKWOOL Group CEO Jens Birgersson says, “While there will always be a debate about the costs of climate action – and hopefully also about the costs of inaction – the fact is that there is plenty of money available for building renovations and other green investments. And renovation itself is not rocket science. It requires using well-known materials and building practices, and that is a big advantage. The issue is connecting the funding sources with the on-the-ground projects, and ensuring we have the skilled workforce in place”.

ROCKWOOL’s advocacy

ROCKWOOL plays a key role in advocating for ambitious EU energy efficiency legislation that will accelerate building renovations and thereby also the green transition. With well-designed policies and proven approaches to energy efficiency renovations, local communities and national governments can achieve immediate cost savings alongside significant environmental and social benefits – a triple-win.

Sustainability Report 2023, Rockpanel case in Karlstad, Sweden

Climate advocacy statement

ROCKWOOL Group aims to ensure that our corporate lobbying, including advocacy via trade associations, industry alliances and coalitions, is aligned with the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement.

ROCKWOOL primarily engages in advocacy through the European Insulation Manufacturers Association (EURIMA) and select Brussels-based think tanks and campaigns on building performance, renovation and energy efficiency. ROCKWOOL is also a member of the Corporate Leaders Group Europe, a leading cross-sectoral business group supporting a climate neutral economy across the EU.

If you would like to read more details about our approach to lobbying, please download our climate lobbying statement.

We also practice what we preach by deeply renovating our own offices.

Bohumin, Czech Republic

Built: 1958

Energy efficiency post renovation: 86 kWh/m2

Energy efficiency improvement: 81%

Bohumín, Bohumin, Bohumín office building, BOH, renovation

Nordics, Denmark

Built: 1972

Energy efficiency post renovation: 67 kWh/m2

Energy efficiency improvement: 64%

Rockpanel Case Study
Rockpanel Stones Customs

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